Final Flower

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the park. Not many flowers left to look at in Highland Park this time of year, but I found what was left.

Photo taken by Rebecca Wiley at Highland Park in Rochester, NY.

Staircase of Souls

Winding staircase in the dark,

knowing not how far apart.

Endless down, and still I go.

Feeling deep, I never know,

closer to beginning or end;

the surface merely crypt pretend.

But, further down, I sink below.

One hundred souls, alone.

Little McBunBuns

I was reminded the other day about how this mama gave birth to her babies right in our driveway last year. Our neighbors found them and relocated the babies after the mama ran off (which you’re obviously not supposed to do). Mama and papa came back later that evening to find their babies missing, and I’m guessing the little ones didn’t survive. And this was the first year we didn’t have any bunnies running around in our yard. I miss seeing them.

Shelter From The Storm

Snapped this photo in between the many rounds of storms we had yesterday. It looked like this little guy was trying to hide from it all, much like the rest of us.

Spooky Falls

I love how this black and white turned out at Corbett’s Glen! Shot taken this past spring just before the trees and flowers and earth bloomed, giving the photo a mysterious aura.