Staircase of Souls

Winding staircase in the dark,

knowing not how far apart.

Endless down, and still I go.

Feeling deep, I never know,

closer to beginning or end;

the surface merely crypt pretend.

But, further down, I sink below.

One hundred souls, alone.

Dragonfly Sky

Photo taken by Rebecca Wiley at Chimney Bluffs State Park in Wolcott, New York

Climb into time

and live within

lightening, as

dreams scatter

‘round until they

collide and curly

puffed clouds

encourage the

tide, while kisses

of thunder in

sparkling summer

eclipse into stars

and fill them with

wonder that

carries the soul

above the horizon

and flutter flies on

the wings washed

in gold, just dashing

through hope and

wonder up high;

a heartbeat in

rhyme with a

dragonfly sky.